MG F1-2000 won SVSM 09 open wheel competition auto category and ... 
Sunday, April 19, 2009, 06:43 PM - MG 1/12 F1-2000
I took the just-finished MG F1-2000 to SVSM Kickoff Classics 09 yesterday and I am lucky enough to win the 1st place in open wheel competition auto category and best competition auto award.

My modeling buddy Mark Rawlings' super Porsche GT2 won the closed wheel competition auto category and best automobile award... Big congrats to Mark :)

Today, I delivered the MG F1-2000 to my happy client's home and here is how the F1-2000 looks like in her new home, alongside with tons of Ferrari collections

Guess what, my client has tons of cool Ferrari collector items... Do you know what these are?

1996 Ferrari F1 V10 engine valve cover

2002+ Ferrari F1 steering wheel replica

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MG 1/12 Ferrari F1-2000 done!!!!! 
Sunday, March 22, 2009, 10:17 PM - MG 1/12 F1-2000
Alright, finally I got this monster done after so much difficult work!!! I am happy with this out of the box build... but definitely no more MG stuff...

Detailed building diary will be on soon.

What's next?? I am thinking either Jordan J199 or Ligier JS43 conversion.


-- william
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MG F1-2000 engine, transmission, side-pods and wheels almost there.. 
Sunday, March 15, 2009, 12:36 AM - MG 1/12 F1-2000
Well, almost there!!

Wheels are painted. The quality of the wheel is not nice. It is more like a toy. I spray paint it with TS30. I feel the front tire is abit too wide,.

Engine and transmission part. The main part is painted with TS30. Then CF with modelers CF decals and some SMS CF decals. After than, semi-gloss coat with Gunze acrylic top-coat spray can.

All suspension arms and uprights are attached with 30 min epoxy glue. The whole thing is damn heavy. Epoxy glue is the only choice for white metal stuff...

Next, exhaust pipes + rest of the misc stuff, like camera, antenna etc etc.
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MG F1-2000 Monocoque done. Working on engine details now 
Saturday, February 21, 2009, 08:43 AM - MG 1/12 F1-2000
Alright, monocoque is complete, minus bulk head details. I will do that after engine+transmission is done.

Front suspension arms are CFed and attached with epoxy glue. This thing is very heavy now. Barge board is test-fitted on the mount and it works well so far. Mirror is attached too.

Seat is attached on the floor with epoxy glue too.

Steering wheel is attached with epoxy glue as well. The whole steering wheel is made of white metal and is very heavy.. Using krazy-glue won't hold. The mirror is a mirror-like sticker spared from the Tamiya display case.

Close up on the stock CF pattern on suspension arms. The decal quality is not bad at all. It reacts well with Gunze decal setting solution. That makes my work easier.

Now moving on to engine/transmission department. I just soldered the white metal pipes on side pod.

Now I hope all 4 wheels can touch the ground after it completes!!!
Stayed tuned for more...
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MG F1-2000 - undertray is done!!! Start to clean up white metal suspension parts 
Saturday, January 31, 2009, 11:03 AM - MG 1/12 F1-2000
Alright, pretty good start for 2009. Undertray CFing is done. I only do the upper part as I am not going to look at the bottom. It is not a good idea to flip this heavy monster upside down anyway.

Monocoque with raw engine, transmission and sidepods.

Barge board mounts are attached with 30 min epoxy glue.

Closeup on CF undertray. CF is from Modelers. After decal is dried, a coat of Acyrlic semi-gloss from Gunze is applied. The heat shielf is done by bare metal foil, the gloss aluminum one.

A guest from backyard is checking out the progress.

Time to cleanup suspension parts.. I hate cleaning up white metal... very messy.

Gee one rear wishbone is broken.. I solder it up.. This is first time I do soldering.. It takes me 4 tries to get the extension welded in..

More to come!!
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